Alpha Wolf


I read an article a while ago that was titled something like ” If you want to be Happy Give Up…”

That seems like a very screwed up headline doesn’t it. But when I thought about it, some things came to mind and I realized while I didn’t agree with all of the article,  the title made me think…

If you really want to be Happy in the traditional sense I think the first thing to give up is the search for Happiness. When people say all I want to do is be Happy then that tells me they don’t know how. Happiness is not a destination you reach one morning after years of looking. Happiness is accepting life for what it is and simply making up your mind to be grateful for the day you have been given and accepting of what enters your life.

Having said that I have been far from being able to live those words with passion at times. It takes practice to build that ability which also would indicate that happiness is indeed a habit. This is promising to me… Why you ask, because if it is indeed a habit then so is being sad, and if being sad is a habit then it is one you can break.

In our daily lives we cling to things that most often times are the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

This is what has inspired me today… Deciding that once and for all I will start living my life 100% with the Mind and Passion of the ALPHA WOLF…

What does that mean exactly…

It means that I will live my life with Passion and I will make decisions that I feel are best for my pack ( which for me is myself and my two little boys ) and I will live out those decisions with a zest for life and I will not second guess myself at every corner because that helps no one. If you truly love ” your pack ” and you would never in your lifetime purposefully hurt them, then be content you made the best decisions at the time because you know you would only make the best decisions you could. I trust in my self.. My knowledge, My love for my children, and My love for the journey I am on to inner peace and contentment. All these things make me a better person. They make my life enjoyable and purposeful and I accept it and am grateful for it.. What ever happens I know I will live with the passion, drive, focus, and aspiration of, and no more than that of the Alpha Wolf…

Until next time,

Peace and Happiness are my wishes for you….


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