Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs…

The most difficult part of letting go of anything is the decision to act. Once you make a clear and concise decision that you commit to, then acting is the spark that starts the fire. You can’t change anything ( Good or Bad ) if you do nothing. Once you take the first step though and act, the rest is merely tenacity.

Letting go of limiting beliefs is probably one of the hardest thing to let go of as well because we have trained ourselves through our outside stimuli. On top of it people are often afraid of change. Change might bring something more painful than what we have. So those people afraid of change will be content to just go on through their daily lives always thinking it could be worse. This is a dangerously limiting belief, because if you think about it logically for one moment, everything you have in life you have because something changed. Your happily married..? Well your married because your relationship status changed. You have a nice house..? Well your living arrangements changed when you moved. You see where I am going with this. Change is inevitable. Let’s not be afraid of change in fact lets not even call it change lets call it Improvement..!

Once you realize that your thoughts in your head actually manifest into your physically reality if you focus enough energy on them. That means if you think negative thoughts you are inviting negative energy. Here’s a fact you might find interesting. The average person has 50-60 thousand thoughts a day in their head. 87% of them from the average person are negative. That is alot of negative energy manifesting itself in our daily lives.

What if you looked at things differently. What if you instead of saying ” I can’t afford this” you asked your self ” How can I afford this” and here is the key. When you ask yourself a question, your subconscious mind will keep working on trying to find the answer. So the key to attaining the right answers we want in life is to ask the right questions of ourselves.

I believe that there is a greater purpose to the adversity in my life and I try start with the smallest steps first. By taking small steps and achieving small goals it makes an insurmountable problem seem a little more conquerable when you use small steps as building blocks to grow on. We can’t control what happens to us always, that is a fact of life but we can control how we respond.

Remember, life will give us a million reasons why we can’t get something done. Tenacity is having the courage to fire our excuse department. I as you know have dealt with depression since the loss of my mother as a child, the divorce and separation from my own children ( even if it is only every other week ) and the loss of the belief in myself…

I have it back, but it was a long road to get here. What ever it takes, if you feel like giving up DON’T..!!!

As always my friends I wish you the positive energy the universe holds for all of us if we are only grateful for and accept it. Good Karma to all and I will write again soon…

If anyone wants to know more about me or how I inspire others to break out of depression and reclaim their lives… Just ask!!!


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