“Carpe Diem”

I have often wondered why the phrase “Carpe Diem” is a mantra for some, yet feels like a cliche, a sound byte peddled by every self proclaimed { Motivational Guru } on the planet to others..?

First lets be honest, it is easy to feel motivated to get out there and get things done when things are going well. When you have a fan club telling whispering affirmations of greatness in your ear every time you turn around. But what happens when the sun goes down and the fan club goes home. How do you maintain a Positive Mental Attitude..?

How can some people wake up and face adversity and stand strong when others fall apart and drift into depression filled days where life is no longer about seizing the day but surviving it… Your car breaks down, your out of work, your hungry and your about to be evicted. Your best friend dies after fighting an unrelenting disease. Your kids are unaware of anything other than they don’t get extra things in life like other kids do…

Yet, at times like this there are those who step up, shake themselves off and simply in a matter of time are right back on top.  Is it genetics, is it something they have others don’t, a secret if you will for getting positive results in a world that seems to throw every roadblock in the way of those in trying times and seems to open up with a yellow brick road to those doing well… My question is who creates the yellow brick road.. Is it the person walking on it or is it the universe..?

Does the universe really respond to what your thoughts are..?

Does the universe really manifest the thoughts you focus on..?

I believe it does..!

As I write this blog I will share more and more about my self and my past and ultimately you will know me intimately as transparency is something I value… But for today lets just say I have faced adversity, I have been at the bottom of depression.. I have stayed at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Dr. when traveling to LA and I have slept in cars in my youth when I had no one in my life to help… I have made 6 figures and I have been dead broke….

What I know is that it really is in us to construct our lives and build the landscape around us.. I also know that its not always as easy as just doing it… We need help at times from the universe and those around us… The hardest thing about needing help is asking for it…

So I am here to say I understand where everyone is coming from, the wealthy who exemplify time management and keep themselves motivated by using what ever it is that drives them.. and I understand the hopelessness of feeling lost and alone and wondering if life is worth living…


My answer is YES it is… And if you ask the universe for help… Ask others for advice… reach out to people who have been there ( feel free to write me and I will share what I can ) than at some point the universe will respond…

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.. I am embarking on some new career challenges but if it works out like I believe it will then I will share it and my process so others can do the same… as always I pray the universe finds you in good health and spirits and you “seize the day” at all times…


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