And So it Begins…

Lao-Tzu the great Chinese philosopher  said ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

As I write this post I find myself at a crossroads and as my mind toils over the possibilities and outcomes of the choices I will make in the coming days, I can’t help but reminisce on what has gotten me here. So the questions come back to the surface.. Who am I, What do I really want, and why do I not already have it…?

What I do know is that if my plans will succeed  and I am going to move in the direction I want to go in life then I will have to let go of the past and stop thinking so far into the future and focus on the now. Only by focusing on who I am now and what do I want to do right now, will I be able to make changes that take affect right now… I do not want to wait five years from now and hope that I somehow have figured it out. I wont wait for life to come to me and I am chasing it…

One thing I have learned to be so true in the last few months is that “It is harder to stay true to yourself in the face of overwhelming pressure, but if you don’t eventually the pressure will come from the inside, not the outside…”

So… whats this all about, who the hell am I… I am sure that must be what your asking yourself about now… OK here is the fast version. My name is Wayne, I am a Father of two Beautiful boys.. I am a Financial Professional or at least I was… I am an Artist or so I think, and I have lived a life that has been filled with personal discoveries and traumas. I have been at the top of my game and what some would consider wealthy and at the bottom Flat Broke… I have been Happy and Sad.. I have struggled with Anxiety and Depression and have allowed it to consume me and yet I continue to take back my life never allowing it to destroy me. I have traveled the world, yet other days have been afraid to leave the house… It has been a Dream and a Nightmare…

SO…. WHY, why write a blog and why now… SIMPLE..! Because I am again making massive change in my life, I am fighting adversity, and I have true faith in myself to again SHORTLY be right back on top..!!! My goal is by sharing my path I may illuminate and inspire a path for others. If even one person in the world were to find consolation and inspiration from my words then it has been worth it….

As you know, all personal breakthroughs begin with change, change in our actions but more importantly change in our beliefs. So what has changed for me recently..OMG where to start.. Failed Marriage, Loss of a child I loved, Job transition due to lack of belief in its very nature..depression, therapy… and an awakening.. realizing I have done nothing but change for the last 2 years… Yet I am NO where near where I wanted that change to take me…

So… revamping, and realigning my goals… Now I have a new path… And as I start it I am filled with confidence for the first time.. I believe I am finally pointed in the right direction… And remember what Brain Tracy Said..” If what your doing is not moving you toward your goals then it is moving you away from them…” SO TRUE….

Once you believe in your path wholeheartedly I believe the universe opens her arms and makes all things possible if you only take advantage of it..

So… If you feel so inclined, check in every now and then and get my weekly post Sunday Night on my progress.. I will be more specific in the coming weeks as to what I am doing and why etc… But I will also be posting quotes and minor Epiphanies that I have throughout the week… I will also at times post memories of the life already lived, Not to dwell on it or relive it but to simply remind myself of a lesson learned in the hopes of sparing some of learning the hard way…

I am GRATEFUL that you have shared time with me hear today, Time is Luck after all and life is short, which is why we all need to live NOW…!

Wishing great Karma and Universal love to everyone…



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